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Leather Keychain With NFC For Business, Compatible with NFC Tools AP

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Leather Keychain With NFC For Business, Compatible with NFC Tools AP

● metal fittings
● full-grain leather

Dimensions: leather part 60 x 52 mm / 2,3 x 2 inches; together with a ring of 85 x 52 mm / 3,3 x 2 inches

To record information on the tag, the phone must support NFC.

To record information on the tag, you need to download an application from the App Store or Google Play to your phone (search for the word NFC).

Characteristics of the NFC tag:
Chip: NTAG213
Available memory: 144 bytes
Standard: ISO 14443A
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Reading distance: up to 5 cm
Number of write/read cycles: 100,000

A handmade leather keychain with an NFC tag inside is a great idea for a gift, corporate merch or promotional tool. Any link can be attached to the NFC tag with the help of the app, which will be opened by the phone.

Keychain may be branded or personalized.

We use the vintage look of the leather, especially the first varieties, which by its matte texture, has a special pattern (sometimes scars, marks), and tends to be scratched.
Scratches can be removed by rubbing the product on a soft, clean, damp cloth.
Natural leather color can be rubbed in some areas and eventually adopts a more vintage look.

Important! Any matte leather can stain light-colored clothes for two weeks.
Leather will not paint clothes after that time.

The process of rubbing the skin can be accelerated by rubbing with a clean dry cloth in the places of contact, as well as you can use paint fixers, which are sold in every shoe store.

The color of the leather may differ depending on the delivered batch of leather, but we try to make it as similar as possible to the photo (also, the color in real life may differ from the color in the photo depending on the photo quality distortion during loading, lighting and individual display settings).

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